Amount Payable $1,051.60
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Tax Invoice

# INV-27

Plumbing Supply Store

6 Johnson Street,
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Issue DateOct 4, 2018
Due DateNov 3, 2018
Amount Payable$1,051.60
Bill To
ABC Plumbing

500 Calder Fwy,
Melbourne VIC 3000

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Quantity Item Unit Price Amount
20 32mm Pop Up Basin Waste $14.80 $296.00
12 15 x 75mm Chrome Plated Brass Male Female Extension $9.10 $109.20
40 15 x 75mm Chrome Plated Brass Male Female Extension
Discount for bulk purchase. Descriptions on tax invoice templates can be customised.
$9.10 $327.60
10% discount
40 15mm Chrome Plated Brass Tee
Discount for bulk purchase
$6.20 $223.20
10% discount
Sub Total $
Total $