Simplify your invoicing

Easy to use, no fuss invoicing for your small business

Your own preset items

Save custom pre-defined items that can be used over & over again in both quotes and invoices.

You can preset your line items with quantity, name, description, rate and even set a discount.

When you add a pre-defined item to a quote or invoice, you can still freely edit each item after it has been added.

Streamline Your Invoicing
Use custom pre-defined items

Quote & invoice templates

Simple Invoices offer a range of awesome looking, professionally designed tax invoice templates.

You can also add your business logo to quotes and invoices, choose colors, custom fonts, rename various labels and even add your own custom CSS.

Create Professional Invoices
Invoice template design options

Online & offline payments

Send your clients a link to view the invoice and they can pay online using their credit card. All online payments are processed securely by Stripe.

You can also choose to only accept offline payments such as bank transfers and cheques.

Start Getting Paid
Clients can pay for your invoice online

Convert quotes to invoices

Creating a quote to send to your client is very easy to do. Converting this quote into an invoice is even easier.

One click and your quote is automatically converted into an invoice, which is always freely editable.

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Convert quotes to invoices

Works everywhere

You won't need to download any extra apps on your various devices as Simple Invoices works straight out of the box on any device.

Simple Invoices is 100% web based, meaning you can access it from anywhere and at anytime.

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Australian tax invoice template - suitable for sole trader
View Simple Invoices on any device

Full list of features

Invoicing Features

  • Your own custom preset line items
  • Enable or disable GST
  • Set your pricing to be inclusive or exclusive of GST
  • Exclude GST on individual line items
  • Percentage or dollar discounts on any line items
  • Charge for either 'hours' or 'items' on line items
  • Custom names & descriptions on line items
  • Accept online credit card payments
  • Add custom payment instructions
  • Custom terms & conditions
  • Modify labels on invoices
  • Secure online access for clients to view (and pay)
  • Send professional, branded emails to your clients
  • Track when invoices are opened by client

Nifty Features

  • Convert quotes to invoices with a single click
  • Duplicate quotes & invoices with a single click
  • Works on any device with no need for extra apps
  • Quotes & invoices saved as PDF's
  • Add expenses & then create as invoice or add to existing invoice
  • Live search clients, invoices, quotes & payments
  • Store private client notes
  • Dashboard view - see quotes and invoices at a glance
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • View all payments in a list format
  • All sensitive card data is stored securely offsite

Customisation Features

  • Australian tax invoice templates
  • Choose custom fonts
  • Custom colours
  • Upload your logo
  • Label quotes and invoices whatever you like
  • Custom email templates for sending quotes & invoices
  • Attach PDF version to your emails
  • Choose which contact details to show on invoices
  • Add your own custom CSS (great for designers)

Packed with features that are beautifully integrated.
Everything feels.... simple.

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