Questions and Answers

Some of our frequently asked questions.

General Questions

Do I need to register an account?

Yes, account registration is required to start creating quotes and invoices.

How much does it cost to register?

It is 100% free to join Simple Invoices and only requires your email address to get started. Join Now

How much does it cost to create an invoice?

Visit the Pricing page to view more details on our plans and pricing.

Is there a mobile app?

There are no apps available. Simple Invoices has been designed to be used from any device without needing to install an app.

Who can use Simple Invoices?

Any Australian business, company, freelancer or individual can use Simple Invoices to create quotes and invoices.

Where can I find more help?

Please visit the support page.

Getting Paid

How can clients pay for invoices?

Your clients can pay securely online with their credit card or you can add your own payment options such as cheque or bank account details onto the invoice.

Are there any extra fees?

If clients choose to pay online with their credit card, there is a card processing fee of 1.75% + 30c per payment. You have the option of passing this fee onto your clients if you wish, or you can absorb this fee yourself.

How do direct bank payments work?

You can choose to skip the online payment option and have clients pay directly into your bank account. You simply need to add your account details to the Generic Payment field in the settings.

Who is Pin Payments?

Pin Payments is our payments provider. They are an Australian company based in Melbourne.

Why do I need a Pin Payments account?

A Pin Payments account is required to be able to accept online credit card payments from your clients. Pin Payments provides a safe, secure & convenient way for your clients to pay.

Where can I find out more about Pin Payments?

Please visit the Pin Payments support page to find out more.

Using Simple Invoices

Can I save my own line items?

Yes, you can add unlimited line items within your settings page that can then be easily added to quotes or invoices. This is a huge time saver.

How many invoices can I save?

You can save an unlimited number of invoices.

How many quotes can I save?

You can save an unlimited number of quotes.

How many clients can I save?

You can save an unlimited number of clients.

Do you have Australian tax invoice templates?

Yes, please view this sample tax invoice template as an example.

Can I design my own templates?

Currently we have templates and custom colors that allow you to customise your quotes and invoices to match your business branding. You can also add your own custom CSS.

Can I export quotes and invoices?

Yes, you can export all of your invoices and quotes into a single CSV file which can come in handy at tax time.

Is it possible to add terms and conditions to invoices?

Yes there is a field specifically for terms and conditions for quotes and for invoices.