Clicking on Clients from the main navigation menu in the sidebar will bring up a table showing all of your clients.

Client table

Clients are displayed in the order that they have been added, so all of the newest clients will be at the top (a sorting function is on the to do list).

Above the table of clients is a search filter that allows you to easily filter clients by simply clicking on this search field and beginning to type. As you start to type, clients who do not match with what you are typing will disappear.

This allows you to easily search and filter clients by typing their name, the client contact name, their address, their website, email address or even their ABN.

Client Actions

On the far right column of the table, next to each client, is a pencil icon and an Actions dropdown menu.

Pencil icon button

Clicking on the pencil icon will take you to the edit page for that particular client.

Actions button

Clicking on the Actions dropdown will display the dropdown. There are two options within the dropdown:

  • Duplicate – this option will create an exact copy of that client, which you can then edit as normal.
  • Delete – this option will delete the client and this action is irreversible.
    • Deleting a client will not delete that clients quotes and invoices. If you wish to remove all traces of a client, you will need to find any quotes and invoices that belong to them and delete these individually.