In this blog post we will explore the advantages of using online invoicing software when compared to other methods of invoicing your clients.   Invoice Software vs Offline Paper Invoicing Yes, some people still do their invoicing using the good ol’ pen and paper. Old habits die hard they say, but invoicing your clients using… Read More

Let’s take a look at the invoicing requirements for Australian Sole Traders. Operating as a Sole Trader is the simplest business structure in Australia. Here we will break down and see exactly what invoicing for an Australian sole trader looks like.   Invoice requirements for Australian Sole Traders Invoice requirements for a sole trader are… Read More

Does my invoice need to say Tax Invoice It depends. If you are registered for GST then yes, your invoices must be labelled and clearly marked as a ‘Tax Invoice’ but if your business is not registered for GST then no, your invoices must be labelled and clearly marked as simply ‘Invoice’. If your business… Read More